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 Inversion Therapy UK


Who doesn’t like being swept off their feet?


This life changing therapy literally turns your life around, bringing you into balance as you balance, stretch, relax and unwind, being supported and suspended in the air, without a care in the world! This therapy reaches the places that other treatments just cannot reach, bringing massive change and huge relief beyond belief. Anti-gravity, yoga, meditation and massage all rolled into one holistic physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual treatment.


The benefits include:

Spinal decompression,

Stretched joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles,

Decreased heart rate and blood pressure,

Increased cell oxygenation, flexibility and disc height/ hydration,

Detoxification and balancing of the hormonal systems,

Improved gastrointestinal function and lymphatic drainage, flow of the sinuses,

Heightened awareness of breathing and connection with your body,

Improved confidence, memory, presence, happiness and peace.

The Principles include:

Trust/ Surrender

Balancing/ Realignment



Trance/ Inner Journeying

Transformation/ Rebirth

Vulnerability/ Empowerment

Inversion Therapy UK

Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy is an acrobatic massage which produces radical and long lasting transformations for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. These remarkable transformations come about for a number of reasons the first of which is surrendering, the giving up/ letting go of control, as one does this whole heartedly it allows one to detach from any physical, emotional and mental holding, which in turn brings about the movement  and flow of energy and restorative vitality. This trust that is given whilst being totally supported gives the deepest form of relaxation, one of being nurtured, which brings many people back to foetal memories and whole brain consciousness.

As you sit down on Alex’s feet, lie back onto his hands, close your eyes and put your hands above your head. Slowly breathing and releasing through the body, stretching the low back into extension and articulating through the spine through rotation and side bending. This gently stretches the body in a unique way which is not possible through any other massage. This allows one to journey into feeling inside oneself, expanding your awareness through your other senses, as you have no external point of reference. This can give an amazing sensation of floating in space.

Then one moves into an inverted position, with a strap between the wrists, hanging over your feet, whilst being suspended from your thighs. Allowing one to breathe and release throughout the spine bringing ones awareness to the breath and to the body, raising self awareness of where you hold on and teaching you how to let go. This allows a gradual stretch and decompression throughout the spine creating space, wonderful for releasing the hips and thighs, the back, shoulders, neck and digestive issues as well as detoxifying the body. IT works wonders for headaches and migraines too.



IT increases cell oxygenation which gives one a natural smile and sense of well being, whilst decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. Thoughts cease as the head is below the heart allowing one to obtain a deeper sense of meditation and a wonderful feeling of emptiness. IT is wonderful for releasing any physical and emotional trauma as well as giving some people the sense of being reborn.

IT gives people confidence and breaks through many people’s issues and limiting beliefs. IT has an effect of balancing ones hormones and works great for fertility and for those ladies with menstrual problems. IT is wonderful for creating a sense of presence and being grounded and confident.

Being balanced gives you the time to find a greater balance within yourself. The treatment continues with some gentle work through the arms and legs, leaving one to rest at the end in child’s pose to bring ones journey back together and enjoy your new found centred space.

IT is a yoga based therapy the principles of which are body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and soul.  Inversion enables one to reach these states of no mind effortlessly through gradual stretch and release with the breath. As with any practice the depth with which one goes varies like with yoga practice and meditation.  The more you do it the easier it gets, the more pleasurable it becomes, like any nerve pathway, memory or muscle if you don’t use it you lose it.


What does Inversion Therapy do?



IT does many things. Firstly it opens up and stretches the lower abdomen and low back, whilst at the same time opening the chest and throat, relaxing the neck and shoulders, which eases the energetic flow throughout the body.  Already the head is now lower than the heart so blood pressure and heart rate begin to decrease. Awareness of the connection of the breath and how to use it to release the body starts here and progresses as the treatment continues.


IT then stretches and articulates the pelvis, abdomen, spine and shoulders through a corkscrew type stretch, which massages the intestines and other viscera, flushing out toxins and aiding peristaltic movement. This is continued through bi-lateral side bending stretches and in some cases can start having a mild spinal traction application and thoracic extension.


In this position the body becomes suspended from the thighs allowing the beginning of spinal decompression and stretching of the hips, thighs and low back. This then also creates space and flow in the abdomen allowing greater pumping of the gastro intestinal tract. As the low back releases it then becomes possible to release further up in the spine, through the thorax and into the neck. Gentle rhythm can be applied by the practitioner to create waves of movement to increase the mobility and articulations throughout the spine.

 As the upper thorax and neck start to release and stretch the muscles, the vagus nerve becomes relaxed with improved circulation meaning it starts to function better, which then effects all of the viscera and usually relaxes and improves digestion and fertility as well. As the wrists are strapped up and suspended from the feet it allows one to completely let go of all postural muscles allowing one to feel into the body and see where any mechanical or muscular restrictions are.

As the treatment goes on one continues to feel and discover new parts of your body increasing ones awareness and learning how to relax them each in turn. The spine lengthens with each breath going deeper into release inside and within the spine. Once the patient has released and emptied as much as they can through the spine and throughout the body, those who are ready can go into more advanced stretches into full flexion which deeply stretches the intraspinous ligaments and tests the patients’ ability to being completely vulnerable, this can for some revert them back into womb like experiences. This squashes the thyroid gland gently which encourages normal function and invigorates it.


In the next position the strap is released from the wrists so the arms can hang freely, allowing the shoulders to release in a new position, the chest to open again and the spine to articulate differently too. Circulation returns to the hands and a gentle massage releases the musculature of the scapulae, the arms and the neck.


In this position the body is draped over the therapist allowing the spine to flop into flexion so that the legs and feet can be massaged and articulated, stimulating the return of the circulation. Here the use of sound creates a powerful internal release through resonance, releasing those parts inside which we cannot do consciously. This also gently squeezes the thyroid again.


Here the body is suspended through the structural integrity and the balance around the centre of gravity bringing one into an altered perception yet again due to the feeling of being supported without the feet. The stillness and trust in this position are so deep IT is incredibly liberating.


Landing down into child’s pose, allows one to come back into the body and calibrate and release peacefully the whole process through which you have journeyed. This is often a time of releasing emotions or just enjoying the profound emptiness and deep sense of presence. IT can take quite some time before people want to move again and return to waking awareness.

How is IT different from other therapies?

IT is different from other therapies as the amount of benefit the patient receives is solely down to how much they can surrender and let go and relax. The more they can release the greater the relief and improvement in physical, mental and emotional states.

Most therapies involve a passive patient receiving a treatment from a therapist; this is still the case here though what increases the effect here is how much guidance and encouragement the patient receives in how to breathe, relax and release to fully allow the antigravity effects to work their magic. There is constant communication between the therapist and patient. Though the very first thing a patient has to confront is can they trust and surrender? For some this is easier than others as this all depends on where the patient is in their return to full health, some have a lot more trauma and physical/ emotional protection to learn how to feel, accept and release. This can be due to abandonment, abuse, phobias and many other kinds of trauma.

This letting go of control is unique to IT and thus has profound effects vastly accelerating change in all areas of life. This gives greater confidence and trust. In letting go of the physical, the emotions being held in each part of the body that has been released get released at the same time. This is massively cathartic and can produce many different responses from tears, to laughter, to rage, though for most it is a journey straight to bliss and joy, this all depends on what has been repressed and unexpressed during life. This treatment is all the more transformative for those people with trust and control issues and it will be a greater challenge for them to take the leap of faith during the transition to being fully inverted than for people who are more at ease. This often brings up many peoples’ issues that need to be resolved and allows for a quick and relatively painless way to overcome them. So, ‘when the body moves the heart follows!’

As you are suspended IT allows one the most organic, gentle release possible and a connection back to your axis as gravity stretches each person equally according to their morphology. As you are moved through feeling and releasing effortlessly around the centre of gravity during the different poses something changes. This literal turning around physically gives certain psychological benefits through altering ones perception, giving one clarity and a new found lease on life, which often turns peoples’ lives around in more ways than one. This ends up with your body finding its optimal functioning position.

IT is a journey into feeling the body, letting go of the mind and emotions, to be free. In doing this one becomes aware of a basic principle; ‘The more time we spend in feeling the better we feel’. Not many treatments can activate this radical process of release on so many levels; this is one of the things that make this therapy so unique, special and effective.

IT is a journey into yourself expanding your consciousness through your other senses, whilst your eyes remain closed. This leads to stillness and ceasing of any internal dialogue which for some is a completely novel experience, except for those brief moments on waking and going to sleep and for those who meditate IT allows them to go deeper within. At this stage the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced and brain Beta wave activity has massively reduced moving more to increased Alpha and Theta waves, creating this altered sense of awareness. This balance, symmetry is reflected in mind and body.

Words cannot describe fully the profundity and the depth of IT. You really must experience IT to fully understand every aspect of how this creates change on so many levels.

Who can and who cannot do IT?

IT is available for most people from children to pensioners, though there are a few contraindications.


Glaucoma in some cases can cause eye pain during treatment though not in all.

Detached Retina in some cases can cause eye pain during treatment though not in all.


Hiatus Hernia

Diabetes if poorly controlled

Severe Travel Sickness, Meniere’s disease

Care should be taken in cases of:

High Blood Pressure

Family history of stroke and other indications for stroke like overweight and smoking

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