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AuraTransformation is a onetime life changing treatment,

which upgrades ones operating system. It is a hands on energetic treatment which takes 2 ½- 3 ½ hours including the time spent talking before and after the treatment, followed by a 90 minute balancing session. The treatment deconstructs the old Soul Aura structure which contains within it ones karma, leaving one Karma free afterwards. It then creates a new Balancing body, a transformative protective Aura structure which remains during the crystallisation process of the body and the Aura. Post treatment your new system will be on a par with the Indigo children (those born between 1995-2005), which is a more refined expanded version of the old Aura structure which has now gone from having 7 chakras down to 3. This brings back all parts of your energy which have been lost or merely held up in the higher confounds of your old aura structure, filling your body up with energy and cutting any energetic chords, at the same time bringing your spirit energy much closer to your body which comes up to the edge of the Balancing body, increasing one’s sensitivity. During the Crystallisation process which follows, things change and advance allowing one to move through into operating solely from 1 Chakra, the heart where everything is unified through the body and Aura as one, this is the equivalent of the Crystal children(those born between 2005-present). At this stage the spirit is infused throughout the body and Aura, which again raises ones sensitivity and clarity.


Why would you do this?

This is a fast track upgrade evolution of one’s own personal energy allowing one to understand and create far clearer borders and boundaries and increasing one’s awareness around what is healthy for oneself. The process is irreversible, much akin to growing up where the old Aura structure is like your school shirt from when you were 6 years old, once you take it off and grow and expand it is impossible to get back into it! This changes everything and often it is not possible to continue living in the same manner as previously as it will become clear whether it is in your best interest to continue behaviour which is limiting or unhealthy for oneself. This could relate to food, diet, exercise or those who you relate with and allow you to realise where you had been giving energy away unconsciously in the past or doing things which were not conducive to your greater good. It becomes clear that one needs to be doing all things which are your passion, the more you do this the faster you will crystallise and it will become far clearer to connect on a deeper level with your life purpose which will in the end give you far greater total life satisfaction, if you are not already doing this (many are not)! It is a call for living closer to oneself much more authentically.

Who is this for?

Anybody born before 1995 that would like to increase their drive and motivation and would like to increase their level of joy throughout their existence. People who are excited by their own personal development and Spiritual journey, those who would like to find a greater balance in life.

Who is not suited for AT?

AT is not suited for those on Anti depressants, Anti Psychotics, those who are still dependant on self medicating e.g cannabis, or addicted to alcohol or other substances. People who think they don’t need it.

For those in humanity who have not had an Aura Transformation things will change, just at a far slower pace than for those who have had an AT or who are already born with the new Aura Structure, the influence of which will become far more palpable as more people die form old age and more children are born with the new structure.

Can I transform my own Aura?

People have been of their own accord breaking down their old Aura Structure, as they develop and become more aware, this can leave some defenceless and lost though often many others have reached a certain level of Spiritual development and have found that they have struggled to get any further or it has not quite lived up to what they expected it to be, and despite being very aware have suffered through ill health or other problems, in these types of cases an AT could really help. This is the first part of the AT, to complete the next stages is not possible on your own as somebody is needed to anchor you to the Earth in order to assist you in bringing in the energy from the furthest parts of your Aura, trying to do this by yourself would mean that you would not be present on Earth as all of your focus would be put elsewhere in order to start this process and would have to remain there in order to keep it up. It is also important to be given the treatment by an Aura Mediator who is trained in this process, as through their training they have been imprinted with the New Time Spirit Energy structure which can only be entrained by the body through physical touch and takes at least 2 ½ hours, less time than this is not sufficient for the body to fully entrain to this new system of flow.