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Osteopathy Session 90 minutes
THB 7,500

Osteopathy is a system of healthcare that addresses the body holistically. It has been a successful complementary therapy since 1873, well practiced all over the world. One of Osteopathy’s core principles is that ‘the body is its own medicine cabinet’ allowing homoeostasis to occur given the correct parameters. Given the right stimulation of the bodies’ different systems (musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory) health can be restored without using medications or surgery. Osteopathy treats all sorts of conditions from digestive disorders to neck and shoulder ache, migraines to back pain and many more besides. Treatments are gentle and relaxing and followed up by physical, mental or emotional advice and physiotherapy style exercises as required. The initial session lasts 90 minutes covering ones’ personal history, with evaluation, treatment, suggestions and rehabilitative exercises. The treatment involves manual therapy working from head to toe, gently releasing the restrictions to movement whilst articulating joints, stretching ligaments and muscles, improving drainage and circulation.

Follow up Osteopathy sessions 60 minutes THB 4,500


Inversion Therapy (IT) 60 minutes

THB 5,500 Inversion Therapy (IT) is a form of body work based on yoga and stretching, with the practitioner taking the ‘weight and strain of the patient’. It is a unique therapy and highly remedial which has been practiced since 1986. IT is a therapeutic journey into self awareness, breath, surrender, trust and empowerment. It starts by sitting on the feet of the practitioner and lying back onto their hands, with ones’ own hands above the head in a supine position. It’s all about giving in and letting go, allowing the therapist to support you. The results are incredible, as it stretches, opens and releases the spine and body in ways most people have never experienced. During IT you are guided to connect with the breath and let it go, open and extend along each part of the body. This quickly gives a very deep and profound sense of relaxation, allowing one to turn off the body, mind and emotional chatter. Also provides massive relief for all sorts of ailments from depression to back pain, headaches, intestinal issues, to increased confidence and fearlessness. It is a remarkable way to gently release emotional and physical trauma allowing one to reconnect and feel more at ease, combined with learning how to escape the perils of the mind. The therapy is an education in itself.

Remark: For maximum comfort allow one hour after meals for digestion. Avoid large quantities of liquid in your stomach.



All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.