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"I’ve been seeing Alex for Osteopathic treatment on my lower back and spine for the last three years now. It has kept me pain free and given me back the mobility I thought I might never see again. I am physically active and wish to remain that way, I can’t thank Alex enough for his help in this."
James, London


"It felt so wonderful - no gravity, so light - no control - no fear - no weight - instead TRUST - just letting go!- with the experience there was no feeling of the material body and it felt so good. I am grateful for your help and kind personality."
Mrs. Mine Aleuce, Turkey


"Thank you very much for the wonderful experience last weekend on the Mind, Body and Soul Exhibition. It has completely exceeded all my expectations as I didn’t think my experience was going to be so strong. It was truly extraordinary to feel the sense of trust and connection and also to observe the incredible reactions that my body has responded with for the rest of the day. Feeling of calmness and happiness afterwards. I do recommend this experience to everyone who is ready and open to such an amazing experience!"
Lucia, London


To let go of the body and surrendering totally to someone whom you don’t know, I felt myself free, at one and special. Leaving all my etiquettes and roles I felt simple, “I the Self”. Alex thank you so very, very much!



The motion of my body and soul at the same time, the feeling of completeness, whilst leading by another power to surrender by my will, the sweet conflict inside... I hope I would be cleansed in all my breathings!



I felt like I was in the womb of my mother and I felt quite relaxed. Then my third eye opened and viewed some slight colours, light green purple and night blue and felt some breeze on my shoulders and relief.



I feel myself light, inside me is like filled of energy. At the moment I feel myself more energetic/ straighter/ happier. It is as if I had an amazing injection. It is like allowing the body to become lighter.


I felt much lighter at the end of the session; I also felt what caused my blockage and realised that I need to repeat these sessions to get more relief. Thank you.



It was quite a different experience for me, the floating of the mind and body, the sense of giving up things and lots of light. It has been a wonderful feeling of opening yourself and trusting at the same time although I felt a little pain in my back for a very short time, as a whole it was a great experience. Thanks a lot Alexander.



Before I came I wasn’t sure that I was scared of the movements and positions, being open and trusting. It is definitely related to my life, probably I do not trust people enough. Then after starting and feeling comfortable and less pain it was great to let go of myself and trust someone. Also I was feeling less pain in the areas that I was concerned about. Thanks to a wonderful person not only do you know what you are doing but your personality puts one at ease. It was a wonderful experience I am hoping to come back.


Dear Alexander, Thank you very much for everything. I don’t have pain in my shoulders and neck. I learned the new breath in my body. Best regards


It was really amazing. I felt like I was floating on the water. I did not believe that I could do all these movements. I thank Alex and will practice his breathing exercises and thanks as well for his patience whilst I was coming back to reality.



After only a short time when the therapy begins I begin to feel safe inside, calm and peaceful. The feeling after it si finished was also very nice but it feels like I’m going to hold this feeling of calm and feel I’m satisfied with myself and connected with myself. I begin to feel joyful, the feeling is gorgeous.



Thank you Alex, for bringing the best activity in Bilgi Paylasim Centre. Definitely I can suggest to everyone. Looking forward to meeting you again.



I was meant to be faithful, by surrendering myself I had a beautiful experience. At present I feel myself even better.



It was a beautiful experience. I felt myself as flying in the void. I felt an intense energy. To breathe in was very wonderful. I felt like I was releasing all the negative energies whilst breathing. I stayed in the present. Nothing was important, only the moment. It was amazing to stay in the now. I wasn’t thinking of anything. It was amazing thanks Alex

Dilara Altinkan


After the therapy I felt in nothingness (void). I thought nothingness must be living like this. I didn’t want to leave that state and I didn’t want to come out of it, I wanted it to last for eternity. Whilst inverted up, the happiness after landing was like I was born again. Everything was refreshed. It was an unbelievable and effective experience. Thank you Alex

HI, to be born again was an amazing experience. I wouldn’t imagine that I would be in such a deep emotion. Alexander’s power was amazing as well. Everyone has to get this experience.



Dear Alex, the experience that I lived today was very interesting and different for me. I learned a lot about myself, listening to my body is very exciting. Thanks a lot. With love



I wasn’t afraid at all whilst in the air. I tried to relax and keep my hands and feet soft. I smiled when he was massaging my feet. I thought about the life I wanted to live. I felt very relaxed. When I was landing on the floor I felt some things bad. As like I was doing bad things to everybody and I had a strange feeling in my stomach, it was working fast. Now | am feeling relaxed.



I was nothing, empty. I remember my feeling was “ I created everything on this planet ever, with no end”. I wasn’t a person, an animal. I carried no feelings thoughts, judgements, no criticising. I was everything. I was one of everything. There was no colour. When my head was flexed I felt I was made of white/ clear shiny shapeless light in a triangle frame. I separated from my body. My head was alive. They were the most incredible feelings, like flying in the emptiness. It was not my body or shape. Not flying on this world out of the sky in the universe with my triangle shaped framed head. Just the head! I came back when my toes touched the ground. Everything was beneath me. I remember the sound of creation which was so beautiful and really affected my heart, then tears came to my eyes.



Alex, you are so different I couldn’t understand at the beginning. Later on it was great. Thanks. I hope next time I’ll come again.


This experience was difficult for me. I couldn’t fly in the space. After the session ends at the moment I feel good. The pains in my back... it is very good now. Thank you Alex



I felt relaxation physically and opening through the whole of my spine. Relaxed in my neck, back stretched and relaxed. I became aware of the emotional blockage in my neck, the existence of the emotions which I am not able to describe and emotions about forgiveness.



As I was a big white bird travelling over small villages sometimes over the sea and then I passed the atmosphere and started to travel to space. I could see the stars, planets and other galaxies. It was a wonderful experience and I felt my body lighter and jelly like massage went out of my body and I became empty.



It’s really quite an experience to leave the control absolutely. First I felt a little hesitant but then let the control go away from myself. The rest was quite relaxing. An enigma experience.



It was so different. To believe in to somebody, to leave yourself completely was quite nice. Thank you.



At the beginning it was very difficult. We tried three times and on the third attempt we could do it. Very different. It was impossible for me to surrender myself to someone else who I didn’t know. I couldn’t imagine the movements that I have done. It was very beautiful and different.



When I arrived I was not sure what or how it would be done. I was not sure if it was a physical or emotional experience. I just let myself relax as much as I can and found myself in strange positions lead by Alex. During the session I did not know where I was in the air, facing down or up. I was relaxing as I breathed in and out. I was expecting some sort of equipment to be used but we haven’t. At the end I was on my face and in total darkness. I felt like I was so relaxed for a few minutes and hoping it would happen forever.



I have never felt myself like in nowhere, belonging to nowhere. I had a feeling of flying high and sometimes deep. At the end I could feel to let go of the things and becoming light free from sorrows. Amazing feelings... To breathe in and feeling safe is wonderful.



First experience in “ Inversion”. Quite different, very different in fact. Staying upside down so long and feeling it is natural to be upside down. And letting go of my neck was much easier compared to other treatments and practices I have taken and a very comforting and safe environment. Thank you Alex for that.



I felt disoriented, which is a good feeling. You let go of control that relaxes both your body and mind. I also felt like I was in the air and at times it felt like a whole emptiness inside. I didn’t think anything. And it is a great feeling to think nothing. :D I feel much lighter in my shoulders.



Thank you Alex making me feel so confident in space. I was floating easily and at the end it was a bird flying... Thank you once more.



It was a very pleasant experience and a unique one. Very different from all the other treatments I’ve had before. My body feels very relaxed almost without any tension, especially around my neck area. My heart also feels all empty which makes me very relaxed also. I feel like I am more straight now as I have kyphosis. Thanks for this great experience!



There was heaviness in all my body and especially pain and aches in my face. During the session I felt warmness and movement and flow of all the energies dancing with harmony, softness, peace and a feeling of comfort. Thanks I recommend to everybody.



Definitely a very unique experience. It makes you feel your body in ways that you’ve never felt before. Immediately after the session, I felt my body had relaxed like it had never before, accompanied by a sense of serenity and inner comfort as well. I strongly recommend going through this experience for everyone who has any sort of stiffness in their body.



I enetered without knowing which kind of session it would be. At the beginning I had uneasiness, but as the session went on I enjoyed it very much. At the end I felt myself like a child in the womb of my mother. Now I’m feeling joy. Alex thank you very much. I feel myself happy and healthy. It’s a very different treatment.

Love Belma


It has been always difficult for me to trust someone else, but to surrender all my body and weight to someone especially like me who has a phobia to fall down would be something unbelievable. I have gone out of my boundaries in minutes and I surrendered myself to Alexander Hickman. I am grateful. Even though I couldn’t understand properly what had happened, he took most of the weight which I’ve been carrying for this short life now I’m able to carry myself much more comfortably. Now I feel like I would be able to walk more in a straight posture. This is some of the rarest amongst many of the things which I can say ‘yes what a good thing I have done for myself’. Thanks.



It was unbelievable, I enjoyed it so much, it felt like being a foetus in my mum again, swimming, free, slow and great! My body stretched so well. First I was a bit scared but then I left myself and enjoyed it all.



As I am a very controlling person, I was happy to let go of everything and felt flowing and safe. It was an enjoyable experience..... Thank you.



I don’t know what I’ve done!!! I can recommend to everybody. Definitely it should be done, Difficult to explain, it should be tried. Thank you Alexander. Fantastic!



It was an amazing session. For me it was a very private experience. I didn’t know what I was doing my eyes were closed. I was in the air having a feeling of flying and endless void. This was veryamazing. I couldn’t feel my body as my soul was free from proson. Amazing thank you very much.



This was my first Inversion Therapy experience and it was really an experience for me. I was wondering how I can let go of my body and my thoughts, but surprisingly I did... It was relaxing. I will do it again for sure.



It is the first time I relaxed in my life. It was amazing. I don’t feel and worried now. I learned how to breathe. And with breathing I can forget everything. I feel like I released energy. Thank you for this experience.



Unbelieveable. I couldn’t believe that because I had never experienced such a thing in my life. I’ve never been relaxed because nobody could relax me before. Now I’m so very relaxed. I am empty like a bird. Thank you very much.

Inversion experience, so much old stuff I’ve been carrying in my body, I let them go through this experience. I cried a lot, I released a lot. I feel good, relaxed and appreciate this experience. I am a therapist myself. I know something I experienced here is worth many, many hours of therapy. Alex’s presence really is an important part of this experience. I feel like a new person now. Thanks



Beautiful and pretty handsome. Really beautiful young man Alexander. Thank you very much. You made me very happy and fly, both with your energy and technique. I love you I love my neck and back more and more now. Thanks for being. Wish you all pathways are easy. Good luck



First time I felt like flying, then I felt some aches in my shoulder and sacrum. When I arrived here I wasn’t inhaling completely I was taking it half way but when i was in the air I began to take the breath completely. When I was on my knees I felt so good. I was in the air like a spirit I saw the sea and trees and I couldn’t think things. Now I have to sleep and nothing else matters.



At the beginning of the session I was wondering what was going to happen but after a second all the feeling of wonder had gone and I have started to feel full of emptiness and peace and after the whole session that I completely lost my mind, was amazing because after the session I still couldn’t feel my body especially my legs that’s why I couldn’t stand up for a while so shortly after it was the most powerful, lovely amazing session that I have ever had.



Alex you are a wonder, I will definitely come again. I’ve never felt so good in all of my life. Really it was a wonderful experience I became aware of how much I have been tensing myself. You taught me to breathe in the right way, I thank you very very much. Live long.



It was a very interesting experience. It was good to be able to let go and trust.

It was the most wonderful experience.  I realised lived before and that the most beautiful gift is that one can give to oneself is breathing in the right way and this is sufficient.



Magnificent, I don’t know how to explain in another way but I didn’t want it to stop. At the end I felt deeply that I was a baby. I became one with myself, I’ve been connected with the self inside me. It is impossible to explain. I felt in such a powerful way the Real self inside me. When I woke up I said Yunus Emre’s saying ”There is one self, inside of oneself”. There it is MAGNIFICENT! Like that Thank you very much Alex.



It is a wonderful thing to surrender myself totally. Special feelings which gave me so much enjoyment. The nicest moment of the last stressful days. Alex who made me feel unbelieveably light and free, thank you.



Slowly I became whole with the existence. My heart had broken with excitement, I felt so deeply that I wasn’t alone. I wanted to stay longer in this position. I felt myself like a little child. The blockages in my neck flew down easily. I became very light like I was born again. Living “letting go” in physicality.



It was a unique experience! Hard to tell all about it but if I try; it is relaxing- takes you to another place, comforting! Makes you thoughtless, in peace. I felted stretched and trustful, I had an energy in my palms. My spine feels weightless, I had pain in my neck before I came here. Now it’s gone! Also I let go off all my bad feelings. Felt like I’ve grabbed the hand of the child inside me.



Before the session I was thinking that I would never feel cheerful since I believed personally I was not a cheerful one. After the interesting, unbelievable session I really felt like I could feel the power in the real me and cheer up when I need to or want to. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe out and let go of everything stuck in my mind. Thank you for teaching me to respect and accept everything as our life teachings.



It was my first experience and very interesting for me. At the beginning I came with fear, the rest was very good. Thank you very much.



It was such an interesting experience for me, it was like becoming one with your spirit and feeling like you are in the womb or in a trunk of a tree. Thank you so much.



Shocked, stupid, no brain, I just landed from space!!! No feeling, so light, I didn’t know I was so flexible, very surprised. I haven’t experienced anything similar to this experience. Great experience. Amazing!

It was a very different experience for me. When Alex lifted me up with his legs I was together by relaxing  with the feeling of travelling in the emptiness. I was tense from time to time in spite of that I came to the end of the session with wonderful lightness. Inversion Therapy was really very nice.. I had a constant feeling of happiness and laughter. Thanks Alex



The beginning was a different emotion. A feeling of flying for a short time, but headache and sick feeling in stomach from the beginning didn’t pass. It wasn’t the right time for me I guess. Thanks for everything.



It was a very unusual experience for me. I thought I entered in another dimension. I was aware that I was here but on the other hand I was like in the emptiness of space. It was beautiful.

It was very different to live this experience. It started with the first breath when he put his hands on me. I wanted to slow down. To surrender myself and the wonderful colours were very beautiful. What I was feeling was a powerful love. Refusing the confusion, I only felt love. An unbelievable experience. At the moment I’m feeling myself very happy. Feeling of bliss without anything else in your life is very nice. The miracle which we are waiting for is in our self. And this work is to see and be close to it is a real miracle.



At the beginning as soon as I closed my eyes I felt the space flowing under my body. Everything was flowing below my body. Everywhere was full of violet light, green lights. Afterwards the thoughts about my business, husband... I released all of them. As I let my self release them I felt comfort all over my body, as it relaxed. When I sat on the floor I made all the affirmations which came to my mind. I felt like I was born again.



It was definitely an experience. My shoulders feel very relaxed. The floating sensation was priceless. I really liked it. Thank you.



Thank you Alex that was a unique experience. Letting go completely was so refreshing. It was good to trust, I feel energetic and happy thanks. :D



Thank you for the physical work that you have to do. I am very happy to have done this therapy session. I found out how trusting I could  b. That in itself is worth a lot.



I wasn’t expecting to be that flexible, but WOWWWW! I’m very impressed! Recommend to everyone who wants a unique experience, a unique freedom! Let your body and mind be free and your soul awakens in the hands of Alexander :D Thanks ***A+



Together with the therapy my body stretched and relaxed. I noticed the importance of the harmony between soul and body better and more clearly. My body felt like it was flying, I found peace in the void and I was able to let go of myself making me experience a different happiness. Towards the end, I felt  a yellow liquid flowing through my body opening up the blockages and leaving through my fingers. I can say that the fact that the blockages open up is good ( emotional method) practice for the enhancement of awareness. I was pleased. I thank the on who gives the healing and the one who has acted as a medium



As a result of an adverse movement I did, the tissue on my right knee was damaged. My Doctor told me that i needed an operation three days before Alexander arrived. After the first session, my pains disappeared and my walking became perfectly easy. After the 2nd session, I relaxed completely. I thank Alexander very much. I think that it is an incredibly relaxing and beneficial application. Alex, good that you exist. May health, happiness and power always be with you.



I was meant to be faithful by surrendering myself, I had a beautiful experience. At present I feel myself even better.