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How is IT different from other therapies?

IT is different from other therapies as the amount of benefit the patient receives is solely down to how much they can surrender and let go and relax. The more they can release the greater the relief and improvement in physical, mental and emotional states.

Most therapies involve a passive patient receiving a treatment from a therapist; this is still the case here though what increases the effect here is how much guidance and encouragement the patient receives in how to breathe, relax and release to fully allow the antigravity effects to work their magic. There is constant communication between the therapist and patient. Though the very first thing a patient has to confront is can they trust and surrender? For some this is easier than others as this all depends on where the patient is in their return to full health, some have a lot more trauma and physical/ emotional protection to learn how to feel accept and release. This can be due to abandonment, abuse, phobias and many other kinds of trauma.

This letting go of control is unique to IT and thus has profound effects vastly accelerating change in all areas of life. This gives greater confidence and trust. In letting go of the physical, the emotions being held in each part of the body that has been released get released at the same time. This is massively cathartic and can produce many different responses from tears, to laughter, to rage, though for most it is a journey straight to bliss and joy, this all depends on what has been repressed and unexpressed during life.

As you are suspended IT allows one the most organic, gentle release possible and a connection back to your axis as gravity stretches each person equally according to their morphology. As you are moved through feeling and releasing effortlessly around the centre of gravity during the different poses something changes. This literal turning around physically gives certain psychological benefits through altering ones perception giving one clarity and a new found lease on life, which often turns peoples’ lives around in more ways than one. This ends up with your body finding its optimal functioning position.

IT is a journey into feeling the body, letting go of the mind and emotions to be free. In doing this one becomes aware of a basic principle; ‘The more time we spend in feeling the better we feel’. Not many treatments can activate this radical process of release on so many levels; this is one of the things that make this therapy so unique, special and effective.

IT is a journey into yourself expanding your consciousness through your other senses, whilst your eyes remain closed. This leads to stillness and ceasing of any internal dialogue which for some is a completely novel experience, except for those brief moments on waking and going to sleep and for those who meditate IT allows them to go deeper within. At this stage the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced and brain beta wave activity has massively reduced, creating this altered sense of awareness. This balance/ symmetry is reflected in mind and body.

Words cannot describe fully the profundity and the depth of IT. You really must experience IT to fully understand every aspect of how this creates change on so many levels.