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Who can and who cannot do IT?

IT is available for most people from children to pensioners, though there are a few contraindications.

Glaucoma in some cases can cause eye pain during treatment though not in all.

Detached Retina in some cases can cause eye pain during treatment though not in all.


Hiatus Hernia

Diabetes if poorly controlled

Severe Travel Sickness, Meniere’s disease

Care should be taken in cases of:

High Blood Pressure

Family history of stroke and other indications for stroke like overweight and smoking

Do I need to be flexible to receive this treatment?

You do not need to be flexible in order to receive this treatment, though you will certainly feel different and lighter afterwards and without a doubt more flexible. Lightening the load wherever IT goes! No experience is required and there is nothing that you have to achieve through receiving this treatment, though with experience you will understand ways in which you can deepen your release.

Can you lift heavy people?

I personally have lifted people up to about 110kg, which is about 17stone. Treatments can take varying forms with people of different size, shape and mobility, though most people can be inverted in some way to receive its healing benefits. I have lifted people with one arm, others with one leg and so the technique can be adapted to suit most body types.

Is IT painful to receive?

On the whole this treatment is incredibly comfortable for most people, though for some it can be quite painful this is usually in cases where people have severe emotional holdings and physical restrictions/ digestive disorders’ or arthritic conditions. Though as they feel, accept and release the pressure/ pain that they might feel during the session they will feel transformed afterwards due to the massive shift which will have taken place. This fits with the ethos that ‘all the pain you feel is the love you withhold from yourself’.

Our natural instinct is to move away from pain or tense up in order to protect ourselves from feeling pain. This can alleviate some of the sensation though does not get to the root cause of the problem. So in relaxing into the pain one softens and gradually opens up to processing the deeper stretches and emotions which have been held back for a lifetime. It can be quite a challenge for some to face these issues as they are not conscious of what exactly they are processing though if they do, it transforms them deeply.

Those with arthritic conditions can find this incredibly painful though they have often reported long periods of being pain free post treatment, due to the detoxification and stretching of the joints and ligaments.

Can I receive IT during my period?

Yes you can and I believe it helps in the cleansing process which is your menstruation. I have often had ladies ask whether it is ok to receive IT during their period, as many have read that it is not good for the menstrual flow to be inverted during yoga at this time. I believe that this advice was given in the light that people practice yoga everyday and the advice was given by B.K.S.Iyengar. Though most people do not receive Inversion Therapy everyday and the benefits far outweigh any perceived negative effect. For some still, piece of mind will mean that they will still want to wait until after their menstruation to receive a treatment, though I have never heard of anyone having had issues during or after a treatment due to being this time of the month.

Is there a limit to how often I can receive a treatment?

Not to my knowledge. I have swapped treatments everyday with my teacher and colleague Paul Terrell, and I have only found that I get deeper and deeper relief and release with each day’s treatment.

Side effects of treatment: happiness, realignment, relaxation, focus, presence. For those who are well rested they will feel energetic and not needing of rest at bed time! For those who are over worked and under rested, after treatment they will want to go to sleep and best to remain asleep until waking up naturally. This is due to going into the body and feeling and listening to the body which people often ignore, and then the message comes through loud and clear and cannot be ignored. Afterwards the body will feel far more balanced and refreshed.