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In this position the body becomes suspended from the thighs allowing the beginning of spinal decompression and stretching of the hips, thighs and low back. This then also creates space and flow in the abdomen allowing greater pumping of the gastro intestinal tract. As the low back releases it then becomes possible to release further up in the spine, through the thorax and into the neck. Gentle rhythm can be applied by the practitioner to create waves of movement to increase the mobility and articulations throughout the spine.

As the upper thorax and neck start to release and stretch the muscles, the vagus nerve becomes relaxed with a better circulation meaning it starts to function better, which then effects all of the viscera and usually relaxes and improves digestion and fertility as well. As the wrists are strapped up and suspended from the feet it allows one to completely let go of all postural muscles allowing one to feel into the body and see where any mechanical or muscular restrictions are.

As the treatment goes on one continues to feel and discover new parts of your body increasing ones awareness and learning how to relax them each in turn. The spine lengthens with each breath going deeper into release inside and within the spine. Once the patient has released and emptied as much as they can through the spine and throughout the body, those who are ready can go into more advanced stretches into full flexion which deeply stretches the intraspinous ligaments and tests the patients’ ability to being completely vulnerable, this can for some revert them back into womb like experiences. This squashes the thyroid gland gently which encourages normal function and invigorates it.