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Alexander Hickman BOst

Registered Osteopath, GOSC Registration No.: 9\5919\F

Date of Birth: 11/12/1980

Nationality: British

Practices: The Osteopath in Isleworth. 15 Crane Avenue, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 7JN

The Old Rectory Practice, Yeovilton, Somerset, BA22 8EX

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Website: www.inversion-therapy.co.uk

Mobile: 0044(0)7813315344



Languages: English and conversational French

Education: British School of Osteopathy, 2001-2005

Bachelor of Osteopathy BOst, University of Luton, June 2005

Postgraduate Studies in Classical Osteopathy, 2005-2006

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (BBNLP, GONLP) and

Master Practitioner, 2006

Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy),

February 2006

Inversion Therapy Level 1, 2007-March 1st

Reiki Levels 1 and 2, 2001/2 and Master Attunement 3 (i), 2009

Sports Injuries & Massage diploma with Distinction (Association of Physical

and Natural Therapists), July 2003

Bach Flowers Remedies Level 1, 2007

Quantum Touch, 2009

Pleiadian Light Body Program, 2008-present

Matrix Energetics Level 1, 2, 3, August 2009

Aura Mediator April 2014


Current Employment:

2005-2012 Practice in Brixton, London.

2005-Present Practice in Yeovilton, Somerset.

2008-Present Various therapeutic centres in Turkey

2011-Present Various Therapeutic Centres in Copenhagen & Malmo

2011-2012 Dhara Dhevi Mandarin Oriental Chiang Mai Visiting Consultant

2012 Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Visiting Consultant

2013- Present Practicing in Isleworth

2014 Unity Centre, Oslo, Norway

2014 Lillehammer, Norway

2014 Helsinki, Finland

Alex started studying Osteopathy in 2001, which gave him a solid basis for understanding

the principles of the body’s movement and how it functions, and how to go about improving

the mobility and well being of the body. When he qualified in 2005 he did further studies

in Classical Osteopathy, in which he learnt a far more gentle approach to treating the whole

body and a wider variety of ailments.

Alex was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2006 which taught him a method

with which to influence a person’s perceptions to improve their state of mind and ultimately

assist in their healing journey. Alongside this training, Alex continued with personal

and professional development courses which introduced him to several less orthodox

approaches to the body, mind and emotions and how these are intimately related to each

other. This combination of training expanded Alex‘s understanding of how behaviour,

movement and emotion are inter-connected and imbalances in any area impacts on

another. This went beyond his current understanding from Reiki studies.

Subsequently Alex learned Inversion Therapy which brought more revelations as to how

breathing, trust and surrender are all key elements to a healthy, wholesome satisfied

human being. This also brought a greater energetic and spiritual experience to his

therapeutic approach and understanding.

Alex then discovered other teachings about Quantum Touch and how everyone can learn

to raise their vibration and heal themselves through running energy. His learning adventure

continued with the discovery of Matrix Energetics, a new form of consciousness technology,

radically shifting most peoples’ ideas about health and dis-ease and how to create change

through this altered filter of reality.

A treatment consists of a combination of all of these modalities mixing and matching

treatments to each patient’s requirements. Sessions end with feedback from observations

made during the treatment, followed by useful lifestyle and exercise advice intended to

provide personal preventative healthcare measures and to assist with rehabilitation.

Alex can offer demonstrations and presentations on breathing for health and healing with

other practical life tips explaining how breathing is the primary key in the road to well being

and one’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth. He includes demonstrations

of exercises and provides explanations on how all of these factors fit together in order for

people to have more peaceful, happy, healthy, loving and fun-filled lives.

Alex now gives talks on the New Time Energies and the Indigo and Crystal Children

and AuraTransformation.